At Live Target, the research and development process begins with a detailed analysis of the natural bait (“the hatch”). Next, the highly detailed anatomy is designed to MATCH THE HATCH®. Once the anatomy is designed, the painting detail truly transforms the lures to reflect Mother Nature’s own handiwork.

The paint process produces the most life-like patterns in a durable and fish catching finish. Live Target ensures quality construction of the manufacturing process with molding to accommodate sound chambers and weight transfer systems to name a few. With premium hooks and rings on all lures, you can be confident that customized components have been built into each lure.

Saltwater lures have saltwater resistant hardware. Muskie lures are built with double strong trebles. Frogs come equipped with a customized frog hook and a premium soft supple lure body.With four ICAST “Best of Show” awards for lure design, it’s something team Live Target takes great pride in. 

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